About ABC

About ABC


All BASF activities involving plant biotechnology are incorporated in BASF Plant Science. BASF Plant Science coordinates an international research and technology platform concentrating on the main markets of North and South America, as well as the future markets in Asia, and employs over 840 people. In addition, BASF Plant Science has established numerous complementary co-operations with research institutes, universities and biotechnology companies in Europe and North America.

The research activities of BASF Plant Science are concentrated in the areas of more efficient agriculture, renewable raw material and a healthier nutrition for humans and animals. These include, for example, plants with improved agronomic characteristics, a higher content of vitamins or omega-3 fatty acids for preventing cardiovascular diseases as well as plants with a higher nutritional value for animals.

To find out more about BASF Plant Science, please see our internet web site at: www.basf.com/plantscience .

BASF is the world’s leading chemical company, further information is available at www.basf.com .