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Mark Buckingham, Chair of the Agricultural Biotechnology Council:

“Now is a significant moment for the agri-tech industry in the UK, as we leave the European Union and forge our own independent agriculture policy. The UK now has the opportunity to develop a new, evidence based, approach to policy making that allows the UK agriculture sector to harness innovation and flourish in an outward looking UK, trading more goods globally and supporting science, research and development”

“But significant challenges remain ahead. The world’s population is expected to peak at around 9 billion by 2050, requiring up to 60% more food. Farmers will need access to every tool in the toolbox to meet that challenge while limiting agricultures impact on valuable resources and biodiversity. This includes both GM technology as well as novel breeding techniques which offer a range of advantages not available from conventional breeding.”

“It’s crucial that stakeholders communicate both to policymakers and those who want to farm and eat more sustainably about the importance of an evidence and science-based approach to agricultural technologies to help meet the challenges we all face.”

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